Appraisals and Other Servicess

Appraisal Reports

A properly prepared appraisal report is a legal document, researched and written by an objective unbiased professional who is knowledgeable about the property, the market, and appraisal methodology. The values concluded and documented in such a report are used, and in some cases required, for charitable donations, estate, and gift taxation. Appraisals are also prepared for insurance coverage, insurance damage and loss claims, equitable distribution of property, estate planning, and other purposes related to the acquisition, collection, maintenance, and disposal of Fine Art.

Other Valuation Services

Related services include office consultations, onsite visits and walk-through consultations, customized research, preparation of inventories, and documentation for export of works of art. 

We can also provide recommendations for disposition, conservation, storage, and shipping. We can furnish contact information for a wide range of appraisers with other areas of specialization; antiques, decorative arts, jewelry, household contents, musical instruments, etc.