There is no charge for an initial telephone inquiry.

Appraisal and consulting fees are based on an hourly or per diem rate, never on a percentage of the value of the property. 

How much will it cost? As no two assignments are ever alike, it is impossible to know in advance what the final fee may be. However, an estimate is provided with the signing by the client of a Request for Report & Agreement of Deposit after the scope of the assignment has been determined. 

Please Note

For reasons of legal liability and time constraints we cannot offer complimentary opinions as to the possible value of artworks you may have. If you need an informal evaluation, auction houses provide estimates and many historical societies hold “appraisal days.” You can try Antiques Roadshow, if that comes to a location near you.

Fee Schedule

There is no charge for an initial telephone consultation. Retainer fees are payable in advance to secure a place on our schedule. Subsequent fees may be structured on an hourly basis, per diem, or at a fixed rate for large projects. Qualified appraisers specializing in other forms of personal property are available to this firm. 


In-office, onsite and walk-throughs: $175 per hour, $300 minimum, payable at the time of the visit. In-office service includes physical examination of works, verbal information about the artist (if identifiable), nature, quality, origin of the work and value of similar works. Walk-throughs, as they cover a large variety of situations and larger numbers of work, are more general in scope. If subsequently an appraisal report is desired, the consultation fee will be deducted from the final fee. In some cases, consultations may be done using photographs provided by the client, online or by mail. 


Onsite: $175 per hour, or $1200 per diem (for each accredited appraiser). $50 per hour for assistants. Travel expenses outside the area by arrangement. Subsequent research and document preparation: $75 per hour. There are surcharges for IRS-qualified appraisals and for rush preparation. An appraisal report assignment includes: 

  • Survey of your collection to determine which works need an appraisal, if desired 
  • Examination using magnification and long-wave ultraviolet light, as appropriate 
  • Digital photographs of each work 
  • Description of each work (following the Getty Descriptive Standard©) 
  • Research of current appropriate market, artists’ biographies, careers, and sales 
  • Collection of all pertinent information for requisite type of value—insurance scheduling, estate planning or taxation, damage and loss claims, charitable donations, or for your personal use 
  • Delivery of two copies of a bound, illustrated, and annotated report, with value conclusion methodology fully explained; prepared in accordance with the most current edition of The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and fully qualified under current IRS standards. Additional copies may be requested for a nominal per-page fee. Digital delivery is available upon request.

To discuss your project, please contact:

Judith Vance, ASA*

20 Grove Street, Suite 325

PO Box 211, Peterborough, NH 03458

603 924 5000



*Accredited Senior Appraiser/Fine Arts, American Society of Appraisers


Consultation, litigation support, expert witness, deposition, and testimony are billed at the per diem rate; they are not included in the original appraisal assignment and require a separate agreement. The appraiser may not be called or named in a court action without a signed Letter of Agreement. 


We also prepare inventories of art collections, marketing studies for purchase, sale or donation feasibility, document preparation for overseas shipment and many other services. With a wide network of other qualified and accredited appraisers throughout the United States, we can provide appraisal services for antiques, decorative arts, books, general household contents, or any kind of tangible personal property. We can also recommend professionals in conservation and restoration, framing, installation, moving and storage. 

All assignments are undertaken and held in strictest confidence.